The final step is to integrate your global payroll system to your HR management. You can use the built-in Whiteboard for brainstorming or connect your implementation planning template to other documents within your ClickUp ecosystem for more seamless collaboration. ClickUp offers impressive integration options for the other apps and platforms in your tech stack, fitting seamlessly into your workflow and guiding your project to success.

This creates a clear outline of roles and responsibilities for team members, from the start of the project through launch and into the maintenance phase. The resource overview lets you know who is available and who may need additional help. When you use Employee Central Payroll to print checks, to pay advices or to file W-2 tax forms, you need to set up the check printing hardware and the SAP spool functionality. While it is not complicated, if you don’t plan for the work accordingly, it can eventually cause delays when you need to test and use the printing function. Although it’s not a critical aspect, it is important to define the right scope for your project ahead of signing a statement of work (SOW) with the implementation partner. Without due diligence, critical features or functionalities can be omitted and will require a change order later — or worse — will not be implemented.

Boost peace of mind with added security and ensure protection from hefty legal fees. Often, current processes are dictated by the limitations of your existing software. When transitioning, you don’t want to carry over outdated methods simply because “that’s how it’s always been done”. The preparation isn’t always the most enjoyable part of the process, but investing time at the beginning can prevent complexities later, steering your payroll project toward success. For this reason, a crucial part in this step is to collect the necessary documents related to your employees. In this regard, you must know which documents are necessary for the particular country you’re considering.

With every requirement essential, prioritizing top features might feel like finding a chameleon in the forest. Fortunately, our payroll system requirements template simplifies the process like a conveniently placed map, highlighting the best features and products. If something goes wrong, fines and other consequences can damage your company’s integrity and your employees’ morale.

A crucial step of your payroll implementation is defining a plan and establishing a timeline with goals. To ensure smooth and effective rollout, you should thoroughly project plan and monitor your global payroll implementation appropriately in cooperation with any partner organization. The advantages of global payroll implementation include financial savings, staff time savings and enhanced compliance with local employment laws and tax regimes. A disadvantage is that you will no longer have direct oversight and control of global payroll. To be specific, it’s about your internal project team compiling and submitting all required data about your existing payrolls, contracts, requirements, employees, and more to your new provider. Set your help desk team up for success with this template, which includes a clear timeline of daily tasks and an organized workflow to ensure efficiency.

  1. In most cases, your new provider has carried out thousands of payroll implementations, so they should be able to make recommendations for what is best for a company of your size.
  2. This IDP provides guidance on design and configuration considerations for mapping various standard and custom fields to ensure smooth data flow from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management to Employee Central.
  3. Stay up-to-date on legal statutes when handling financial transactions and contracts, maintaining efficiency.
  4. You may be eager to leave your old payroll system behind, but trying to rush through an implementation may end up replicating the same problems you have with your current payroll provider.

Its inclusion within your organization ensures a quality management system that meets your customer and stakeholder needs while adhering to all rules and regulations. While incorporating ISO 9001 within an organization can be transformational, it’s also an incredibly complex process requiring a lot of planning. With this template, you’ll manage call center implementation like a pro while informing your team of updates in a single space.

Since payroll processing is complex at many levels, the best thing you could do is to delegate it to a service provider. Here in Connect Resources we will ensure you get a smooth integration so you won’t have to worry about your international payroll. Learning about the key areas for a successful payroll implementation could take your business to a whole new level. You should know that the process starts way before selecting a partner or choosing a system. Global payroll implementation can sometimes be handled by an international accountancy firm, a specialist payroll company or payroll outsourcing provider, or a ‘professional employer organisation‘ or ‘PEO’.

SAP SuccessFactors Suite: Instance Management to Support Project Implementation Lifecycle

It is now in the top 3 most desired outsourcing projects with 4 in every 10 HR leaders saying they want to introduce this in their own organisation. These key trends were taken from our latest Future of Work & People report when we researched the challenges and priorities of almost 3,000 senior HR leaders across Europe. Get in touch with the SD Worx team to discover what savings you could make by switching to our exceptional outsourced/managed payroll service. It’s worth bearing in mind that data anomalies often occur at this stage, as the migrated data isn’t live.

How do I choose a global payroll implementation provider?

Ensuring everyone’s informed at every stage of the journey will help your implementation plan fall into place. Adopting new processes and technology can be challenging, but by keeping your team on board and engaged, you can successfully manage a phased approach where both parties progress at the same speed. With the payroll system agreed upon, your provider will begin setting payroll implementation plan up the payroll system according to the plan. This will involve implementing new equipment and payroll software, and integrating any other third-party systems. Implementation times with Complete Payroll Solutions range from 3 business days for a simple payroll to up to 5 weeks if you have a larger, more complex business or are planning to use multiple products and services.

Know your requirements

Once they’ve created a plan of action, they’ll bring all the project members together to run through their recommendations in terms of the system, its functionality and setup. This is also a good time to ensure that all your employee details/records are up to date. You should also ensure there are no inconsistencies in your pay policies e.g., overtime calculations across different departments/shift patterns. You should also outline any specific requirements, such as retaining in-house control over certain aspects of your payroll management.

If your team spans multiple locations, consider online workshops or off-site venues to minimise disruptions. The backbone of efficient operations is an accurate, up-to-date record of business processes. Surprisingly, many organisations either lack this documentation, or what’s on paper doesn’t mirror actual practices. Before leaping into a new payroll system, it’s a good idea to first take a good look at your current setup. The “Project on a Page” is Jemini’s novel approach that lays out the entirety of a project in a concise and understandable manner. Introduced at the very beginning of a project, this tool serves as a blueprint, summarising the project’s core objectives and critical elements.

If an international PEO is contracted, they will generally take on all relevant international employer obligations, not just payroll. With a glance, this clear and concise implementation plan template provides instant updates on the status of each task in every phase of your project. Track progress bars so you know how each task is going, and stay alert with bright status updates about bottlenecks and roadblocks. The effort monitor also informs you when jobs fall behind and where you might need to add more resources. While Employee Central Payroll is similar to SAP ERP Payroll, there are nuanced differences that your payroll lead consultant should be aware of.

How can you ensure a smooth integration of your payment solution?

However, with the right guidance and mindset, this transformative journey can lead your organisation to heightened efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. Here in Connect Resources we want to help you achieve a successful payroll implementation. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we can help you get a smooth integration of a payroll solution to your management.